Bicycles & College Radio in Cleveland

Riding the trails and filling the air waves.

Taking in the sights of bike commuting

One of the sights on a bike commute in May 2012

On the days that I am able to ride my bike home from work I often get to see some great scenery.  I can’t make the ride everyday, since it takes me about 2 hours and covers about 20 miles of road and trail.

The first part of the ride takes me from University Circle towards downtown, past the baseball park and over the Lorain/Carnegie Bridge.  This section requires paying pretty close attention for traffic, and involves a lot of traffic lights.  Sometimes my timing is good and I am able to just keep peddling, but typically,  I end up getting stopped at more than a few red lights.

The next leg of the trip takes me through Tremont, where my attention shifts a bit towards cars that are parked (look out for that swinging door!) or folks who are parking at one of the many restaurants.  It is amazing how, as a group, they really don’t seem to pay much attention to things around them.  I am also on the look out for dogs.  There are a few stretches where there are big dogs tied up outside and the occasional dog running loose.

At this point I hit the first little stretch of trail, behind Steel Yard Commons.  Then a short stretch on Jennings and Harvard and then it is straight on down the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath towards home.

The towpath is where I really get to relax and take in sights, both natural and industrial.  On the industry side of things, there are the massive oil silos and the wafting smell from the North East Ohio Regional Sewer District’s treatment plant.  On the natural side of things, I get to see animals ranging from turtles, to birds to bunnies.


One response to “Taking in the sights of bike commuting

  1. Michael Seese May 28, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    I miss riding the towpath. Perhaps you and I will ride again when the kids are a little older, and leaving them with Jean isn’t a form of in-home penance….

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