Bicycles & College Radio in Cleveland

Riding the trails and filling the air waves.


Radiocycles is a blog written by Ben Hrouda who lives in northeastern Ohio.

He currently hosts a 30 minutes all vinyl radio show on Wednesday mornings on 91.1 FM WRUW called ‘Vinyl is not just a maintenance free siding option’ from 11:30 until Noon.  The show features an eclectic mix of music largely pulled from the vast library at the station.

Prior to this he hosted a show on Saturday night called ‘College Pop Starts with XTC’ which largely featured indy/alt/power-pop tracks, old and new, along with a mix of whatever other style of music suited the mood of the evening.  His first radio experience was while going to school at Cleveland State University, on 89.3 WCSB.

When the weather permits, you will often see him riding his ‘custom’ built commuter/do-everything bike based off of an old Raleigh M60 mountain bike.  Last year saw over 2100 miles logged and the goal for this year is 2500 miles.


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