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Making vinyl records more hi-fi and less snap crackle and pop

For the past few weeks the selections on my radio show have sounded a bit better, thanks to an accessory that I found while cleaning out some drawers at home.

My trusty old Discwasher!

Such a simple ensemble of items that does a nice job of grabbing the dust and debris from the surface of the album and holding tight to it until whisked away by the small brush that nestles around the fluid bottle when stored inside the brush.

Back when vinyl was the norm at the radio station, there was always a Discwasher sitting in the main air studio, and even at some of the listening stations.  Now that the norm is the CD and the digitized library played via the computer, such things have become scarce.

I will admit that using digital delivery methods is easier when on air, there is still something special about the record jackets, the brisk caress of the Discwasher and the needle drop and back cue to get the next track ready to spin.

What you need to clear the debris and achieve sonic success.

What you need to clear the debris and achieve sonic success.