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Forgotten friend who had two wheels

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I have been spending a bit of time culling through a rather large directory with many many pictures of bikes that I have owned at some point over the past six years.  Came upon this one, of my trusty Nashbar 4050 road bike.  Picked it up on Craigslist with the intention of reselling it, but I started using it and really liked it.

It had a Suntour Accushift 4050 drive train, which was the top end of Suntour’s index shift system.  Accushift does not have a great reputation, but I found it to be crisp and precise.

It also featured a chromoly frame, alloy wheels and a nifty paint color that you don’t see everyday.  In fact, I have never seen another bike with that color.

Well, one day while riding home from work on Cedar Avenue, a couple of pedestrians popped out in front of me, from behind a rather large man standing on the sidewalk, and I hit them head on.   The two girls walk away apparently unhurt and unwilling to wait for the police.  The collision was their fault, but they just laughed and walked away.

Two guys in a pick up truck stopped to make sure I was okay and waited with me until my wife was able to pick me and my bike, now pile of scrap metal up.

I likely had a concussion, although I did not go to the emergency room, so I never received a diagnosis.  My head hurt for five days.  My neck hurt for five days, all the way around, which I had never experienced before and hope to never experience again.  My helmet was smashed in in the back where it struck the road when I fell.

The left crank arm was bent from the impact with the road.  The front fork was bent as were both of the frame main tubes from the impact with the two pedestrians. The picture give a pretty good idea just how much that metal gave as it was quickly brought to a halt.