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The cone of silence

EMF and cycling along

Is this the last free zone in Northeast Ohio’s future?

As I was taking a bike ride this past Thursday, on the Summit Hike and Bike trail, I decided to finally take a picture of the section of trail where it runs under these sort of funky looking electrical power transmission towers.   In my mind, it all has a bit of a sci-fi vibe to it.

I imagine a future, where there are few places that the surveillance apparatus is not able to track everything you do and say.  Not just stuff that is said over a network, like the internet or a phone, but everything you say in face to face encounters.  Every place except those confluences  where both people and strong electromagnetic fields come together.  This short section of trail is one such place.

The time to travel through this section is so short, even for someone peddling in a leisurely fashion, the authorities allow it to exist.  Exercise and specifically riding a bicycle, they have learned, gives people a false sense of being free.

But they do monitor those going in and out very carefully.

Over the years we have learned that it is a mistake to ride hard and plan to slow down in the zone.   If your speed is more than 1-2 mph slower than the mile lead up to the zone, you will be stopped, questions will be asked and then you will be on your way.  But you know that a flag has been set and greater attention is now on you and everyone you come in contact with.

There is a story, that may or may not be true, of a women who had a flat in the zone.  It took her 15 minutes to fix it and ride out.  She was taken in and not returned home for nearly a week.  A job was lost and hardship befell her.

Or so the story goes.

We have learned to make our messages short, to plan and pace our rides and to live free in these fleeting moments.