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Knock off the dust and get me some new strings!

My first guitar, purchased at Solon Music 30 plus year years ago.

My first guitar, purchased at Solon Music 30 plus year years ago.

I started playing my electric guitar again after a couple decade break.

I first picked up a guitar in middle school and I still have that first one, a Fender Model F-35 acoustic.  It is one of those enormous dreadnought shaped monster that I am amazed my arm fit over at that age.  It’s vinyl and cardboard case fell apart years ago and it has been resting in a corner of one room or another, collecting dust and on rare occasions beckoning to me to pick it up and play.

I grab it, give it a quick tune and then strum a couple of chords.  I might even try to play a song or two, but then it goes back to the corner of silence.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.  As you can see, Fender built very patient instruments back in the 1970’s.

Well around the first of this year I started to get a hankering for playing some electrified guitar.  I still had my trusty Yamaha SG-2000 solid body guitar from around 1978 or 1979 but no amplifier.  Well it turned out I did have an guitar amp, a small tube amp from the 1950’s that worked.   It also lacked a grounded plug and that made me think of the possible shocking outcomes from its use.

I did use it a couple of times and then made contact with a friend at CWRU who has it and is going to give it a once over, add the grounded plug and just make sure it is safe to use.

Besides that amplifier problem, I was finding the Yamaha guitar awfully heavy and not the most comfortable thing to sit on a couch and just play.  I needed something light that I could fiddle with sitting in front of the TV, un-amplified, to just get some finger dexterity back.

My daily searches of Craigslist unearthed a nice little red Ariana Stratocaster copy that only cost $25.  As I always do, I kept looking at Craigslist and picked up another Strat, in this case a Squire by Fender that likely came in one of those starter kits.  It came with two nice patch cables and only cost $20.

The Ariana got new strings and great set up by a friend of a friend.

Did the Ariana get used?  Did the amp ever make it back home? And what about Naoimi?

Those are all questions for another day.