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Omaha and weaving some on air chatter.

Contains the great song 'Omaha' - so listen my friend

Another classic album at WRUW-FM 91.1

My stroll through the vinyl library this week, led me into the ‘M’ zone, which thankfully is nowhere near books with titles like ‘Dial M for Murder.’  Who has time for all that CSI crime scene investigation.  Damn it, I have records to play.

One of the albums that I pulled was Moby Grape’s Great Grape, which features their hit song ‘Omaha.’  If the song title does not conjure up anything,  maybe the lyric of ‘listen my friends’ will help.  Well anyway, it is a great song with a solid late 60’s vibe to it.

Earlier that morning I had glanced at an article in the Plain Dealer (Cleveland’s daily newspaper) about Warren Buffet suffering from prostate cancer.  Now he is known as the Oracle of Omaha, since he lives in Omaha, Nebraska.   So I could mention that little news factoid, but is that really enough of a connection to merit getting talked about on the show?

Not really, but what if there was one more thing to tie the song title, to the news item?  Well as I browsed the pocket folder that contains the public service announcements sent in to be read on air, there was one about — prostate cancer.

So that became the PSA I selected to read this week, and it all came together during one of the song breaks.

Listen to the show here:  this week’s RADIO SHOW archive.

And if you want to see Moby Grape perform ‘Omaha’ on the old Mike Douglas Show, you can go here: MG on MD.  An added little fact, the Mike Douglas show got its start in Cleveland.