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So do you just play whatever random things you find in the library?

Over expectations lead to this disc being put aside and not played.

Included the Clash but the sound did not grab me.

Contrary to what your ears may tell you, I don’t just play what ever random discs I pull from the record library a few minutes before my show.  I preview a stack of things, dropping the needle into each and every track, to see if anything really catches my attention.

Two weeks ago I pulled an Ellen Foley album called ‘The Spirit of St. Louis’ and noticed (was reminded) that the Clash was the backing band on it with many tracks written by Jones and Strummer.  I gave it a listen, and well, it fell flat with me.

I set it aside.

I don’t think it was bad, but my expectation was so high (I really like the Clash) that it just could not live up to my mental hype.