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Goals, what are they good for?

ImageAs the month of October arrived, I found my bicycle riding mileage approaching 2000, just as the day light free-falls away in earnest. When the year started, I stated a New Year’s Resolution of riding 3000 miles this year.  That would be more than I had ever done in a year, by a wide margin.

It is clear to me now, that there is no way that I will be able to reach that goal.  Likely I will fall somewhere in the neighborhood of the past couple years, right in that 2200-2300 range,  My best year ever tally was a tad over 2600.

Should I be disappointed?

Should I look at it as a string pulling me forward and keeping me focused?

How do you use New Year’s Resolutions, or do you not even bother?  Christmas stuff is hitting the shelves already so maybe it is time to start planning for 2014.


The wheel in the groove goes round and round?

So what is it that brings music, specifically vinyl music, and bike riding together?  Well for some folks the answer to that question would be, umm, nothing.   Well within my mind there is something that brings them together and that is the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath.

How you may ask?

Well, the route I ride home from work takes me on city streets and then onto the Towpath Trail, from its current northern terminus next to ALCOA on Harvard Avenue, at mile five.  The portion down to Rockside Road, which is about five miles, is paved.  The bike tires on pavement have a certain sound.  It is basically a quiet buzz.  After mile ten the trail surface changes to packed limestone.

The sound of the bicycle tires on the limestone surface sounds just like the needle in the groove, as it interacts with the dust and materials hiding there.  Almost every ride home last year I would think that the paved portion was a CD and the limestone was a vinyl LP.  I would sometimes think of if as going back in time musically.

That sound kept going around and around in my mind, leading me to think about all of the albums sadly sitting in the WRUW record library. So sprang the inspiration to search through and share some analog encoded gems and maybe a few clunkers to boot.