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Vinyl is not just a maintenance free siding option.

After a few years away from a radio mic, outside of  a few times as a sub every now and then, I will be returning to the airways.   Starting next week, every Wednesday from 11:30AM to 12Noon on FM-91.1 WRUW I will be spinning nothing but vinyl.   The show is called ‘Vinyl is not just a maintenance free siding option.’

I am going to try to track down as much material as I can that has never been released on CD or in another digital form.  Something that will be getting a spin or two during an early show will be a few tracks from The Dinner Ladies ‘These Knees Have Seen the World’.  I played it a whole bunch when I had a show back in the late 80’s early 90’s while going to school at Cleveland State University (FM-89.3 WCSB).   WRUW does not have it in their collection, but my wife tracked it down for me a few years ago, and it is sitting safely in my basement.

So what songs or bands do you love, but have never found in a ‘modern’ media format?

The Dinner Ladies wonderful album that has never had a digital release.